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Several studies indicate that sewing is good for you, mentally and physically. 

Why, you ask? One, because sewing allows you to relax from the everyday pressures of life; and second, because it enhances your self esteem when you demonstrate your creativity. 

The Home Sewing Association says that studies have shown that engaging in an activity like sewing reduces your overall heart and blood rates and promotes relaxation. Their belief is that sewing involves the muscles and the mind, promoting healthier body synergy, and that because sewing has been so successful at promoting relaxation among women who sew that it may be better than therapy. 


Another study was done to determine if sewing could help you face and overcome a life-altering and sometimes fatal disease like breast cancer. One person stated that sewing was not a priority initially, but later found that sewing was her escape from the drama of cancer as it affected her life. According to the study, sewing can decrease your heart rate and aid in relaxation.

 Study Results Indicate that Sewing is the Most Relaxing Activity. “The study appears to indicate that sewing is the most relaxing of the five activities reviewed due to the statistically significant drops observed in heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration rate after women sewed,” says Dr. Reiner. “While sewing was the most relaxing activity, we were quite surprised to discover that heart rate actually increased for all participants while they were engaged in the other four activities, including reading the newspaper,” Dr. Reiner explains.

A doctor (Ph.D) at New York Medical Center stated that if our bodies were not allowed to rest from everyday pressures, then we are placing ourselves at risk for heart disease or other illnesses.  He believes that creative activities and hobbies, like sewing, can help people focus on something productive and get away from their worries for a while.

 With sickness and disease on the rise, and studies indicating that sewing is an activity that reduces your overall heart and blood rates and promotes relaxation, wouldn’t it be great if we really promoted sewing to create a healthier body synergy to reduce medical problems?   And, it looks like starting a sewing-related business is a profitable source of income, while helping others reduce stress, heart disease or other illnesses

Recently, an article in Entrepreneur Magazine states that sewing related businesses are on the rise nationwide. They have identified businesses in Lafayette and San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; and New York City that offer a variety of sewing related products and services that are pushing some first year sales projections beyond expectations.

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