I don’t have time to sew.

Heard this before? Would you like more time to sew or finish that project that’s been collecting dust for years? Do you wish you had a little time to sew?
So, how do you find time to sew?
Start with stream-lining housework. De-cluttering and organizing make it quicker and easier to clean house. If you have kids, assign chores and make a chore chart. Spend a set amount of time daily on housework and move on.
Next, cut cooking and clean-up times. Meal planning your entire month of meals. Shop less with a well organized planned list. Try e-mealz.com if this concept is new to you.Don’t forget those coupons either. Check out crock pot recipe books or even try “Dinner’s in the Freezer” and cook once to make several meals for the month. Get together with a friend and split the meals out. Many books available or search on-line for recipes.
Now, you have managed to find a “little time”. How can you use it? Pick a time to sew and stick to it.
Most of us don’t have a dedicated sewing area so, what we pull out must go back when we’re done sewing. Try using some of the zip loc baggies(bigger sizes) or clear shoe box like totes with lids. They are easily stack-able and you can see what’s inside. Use folders or binders. Cut your clean up time in half and you have more sew time.
Sewing is so much fun. It energizes you, revives you, relieves stress, makes your brain work in a different way, and inspires you to be more creative.
Give yourself permission to design and daydream!

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