Troubleshooting Your Sewing Machine

Troubleshooting your sewing machine is nothing to be afraid of, it can just be the simplest of things that are wrong.

Change Your Needle

One of the first things to do when your having trouble with your machine, would be to change your NEEDLE even if it is a new one. Needles can be warped or bent, even new ones. When you change the needle make sure it is installed correctly. A common mistake is putting the needle in backwards. Most machines will have the flat side of the needle facing the back of the machine. Check your owner’s manual to make sure which way your needle is installed. We carry Schmetz needles which are some o the best needles.

Re-thread Your Sewing Machine

     The NEXT step would be to RE-THREAD the machine. Sometimes the thread can get tangled or out of place. Make sure your spool cap is not loose and on correctly. Make sure you have the correct spool cap for that project. Especially those using embroidery machines and sergers. Follow your owner’s manual for threading your machine correctly.

Buy Good Quality Thread

     Last step effort to fix your sewing problem would be to change the THREAD. Cheaper threads will tend to get knots or tangle. Change spools of thread and even change the brand of thread to see if that will solve the problem.
     Better quality thread brands will have less trouble passing smoothly through the needle. Your projects will surely look their best. We carry high quality thread for about the same price as your lower quality brands found at your local fabric stores.

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