How often do you need to change your sewing needle?

Most manuals don’t really tell you how often to change it and it’s something that you don’t really think about doing until it breaks. 
Did you know that your sewing machine’s motor will have to work twice as hard with a dull needle?
That means your machine will wear out twice as fast. A dull needle can not only ruin your motor but it can also damage your fabric, cause stitches to skip, thread to snag, bad tensions, and threads to break. So, how often do you need to change your needle? 
  • It is recommended that you change your needle after every 3 full bobbins used or every 2 pre-wound bobbins used. 
  • It is also recommended that you change the needle after each project or if using a fabric that naturally dulls the needle such as leathers or heavy fleece. 
  • If you are quilting, it is a good ideal to change every 8 hours of sewing or with each new project unless it is a small project.  
Needles are an economical way of making your machine last longer and make your sewing less troublesome.  We carry Schmetz needles which are a great and inexpensive way to protect your machine and your projects.