How on Earth do you sew a straight line?

Memphis Sewing Machine

Many sewers new and old ask this question quite often. How do you sew a straight line? Winston can relate, he too has trouble sewing those straight lines.

 Here are some easy to try remedies for your sewing straight “woes”.

  1. You know those lines on that metal plate under your needle. Use those to align your fabric as you sew. Don’t watch the needle but keep the fabric lined up with that guide plate.
  2. Use your presser foot as a guide. Line the fabric even with the side of the foot. They also have feet with guides built in. You might wanna try one of those.
  3. Practice sewing straight lines on a piece of notebook paper with lines. It will dull your needle so make sure you change it before sewing fabric again.
  4.  Lastly try to SLOW DOWN…………..
    Best tip ever! Slowing your sewing speed down will improve you sewing accuracy.

Even fellas like Winston don’t always have perfectly straight lines. Sometimes he gets distracted by a belly rub or those big paws get in the way.

Try some of the tips above today!