Kick the Bad Sewing Habits

Don’t let your little bad habits sabotage your efforts and goals when sewing. If you want great results all the time remember to kick out those not so good habits.
Some are simple things we just forget to do or major bad habits we choose to do in order to cut corners and  hurry up with a project.
Being mindful to your own bad habits is a start. Admitting you do these things and find ways to prevent them will make sewing more productive and fun.
  1. Poor Posture.
  2. Not changing the sewing needle for each new project.
  3. Not cleaning or doing regular maintenance on machine as needed.
  4. Not following steps in a commercial pattern or skipping steps.
  5. Not preparing fabric- pre-wash and ironing.
  6. Underestimating the time needed to complete project and waiting to the last minute to start.
  7. Rushing through a project creates stress and tension. Sewing is fun and relaxing not stressful.
  8. Eyeballing and not measuring.
  9. Poor Time management leads to many bad habits.
Are there some bad habits you need to “kick out” of your sewing room? What might be a little trick you could use to stop some of these bad habits? First realize what your doing and try to prevent those bad habits from slipping-in and ruining your sewing time.