Tips for Sewing Better

Whether you’re new to sewing or a seasoned pro, I think these tips will help you below.

  1. Be sure your sewing machine is in good working order. If in doubt, have your machine tuned up by a good sewing machine repairman. No amount of sewing skill can make up for the annoyances of a machine that needs work.

  2. Whenever you are sewing two pieces of fabric together and one piece is longer than the other, be sure to place the longer piece on the bottom. That way the feed dogs will automatically help ease in the longer piece.

  3. Start with a new needle for each project.

  4. Sew with the best materials you can afford. Better quality fabrics are often easier to sew.

  5. Get a good all around sewing reference book such as The Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing or the Vogue Sewing Book. Used copies are available online or at your local Half-Price Book Store.

  6. Use good quality thread. Bad thread equals trouble-filled sewing and even possible damage to your sewing machine. So bypass the 10 spools for $1 table. We carry Madeira,Mettler, Floriani and more top brand threads

  7. Use your sewing scissors for sewing only. Tiny burrs and nicks can snag expensive fabrics. Dull scissors make cutting tough going so keep your scissors sharp. We sharpen scissors and Pinking shears

  8. Learn to use a rotary cutter and mat. Although once used mostly for quilting, rotary cutters can be very handy for general sewing. They are especially useful for accurately cutting slippery lingerie and special occasion fabrics.

  9. Assemble everything you need for your project and read through your pattern instructions before you begin cutting and sewing.

  10. Above all be patient with yourself. When you are tired you are more likely to make mistakes, so when you start having problems, take a break or perhaps come back to your project another day