Top Ten Sewing Resolutions

We know New Year’s Resolutions aren’t easy to keep. We always start off with the best intentions but often set our goals to far to reach. Try for just one goal at a time and you’ll get there. Winston hopes the list below will give you some good ideas to start.
10. Learn to sew or learn a new specific technique.

We love to sew, and were not surprised that more people want to learn how, too! Taking classes can be a wonderful way to get started and to learn new techniques. Why not visit the store to find out about upcoming classes? 

9. Learn all about machine embroidery.

We LOVE machine embroidery here at Memphis Sewing Machine! From embellishing custom accents for your wardrobe to creating one of a kind gifts and even appliqueing in the hoop, the possibilities with machine embroidery are endless.

8. Sew more garments.

What better way to get inspired to sew your own garments than to become your very own pattern designer? 

7. Clean and organize your sewing space.

A clean sewing space can inspire you to get stitching and help you be more productive! The more organized, the more time you will have to sew. Keep a sewing Toolbox and project tote handy. Make it easy to get out and put away sewing essentials for easy clean-up. You’ll have so much more time to sew.

6. Sew more for myself.

Sewing for others is sometimes the most rewarding thing about the sewing crafts!  If you are not sure what to sew for yourself, try getting inspired by talking to friends that sew or looking at some of the new sewing books hitting the shelves. If you get inspired by seeing what others are stitching up, try browsing some sewing, quilting, or crafting blogs. Baby Lock’s website offers hundreds of free projects with complete instructions.

5. Sew more in the new year.

Finding more time to sew is always easier said than done! A tip that works best for many sewers is to set aside some uninterrupted sewing time either weekly or once a month. 30 minutes a day for 5 days adds up to  2 1/2 hours of sewing, enough to complete just about any small project. Or why not invite a friend over to sew with you, or host a sewing get-together for friends and family on a regular basis? 

4. Sew to serve others.

If you are resolving to volunteer some of your sewing time to help others this year but don’t know where to start. Many local organizations, like hospitals, Veterans organizations, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and animal shelters may accept handmade donations too, just call and ask how you can help. Sewing to serve others can be rewarding when shared with a group, and a sewing for charity party or event might be a great way to mark this resolution off of your list!

3. Learn how to use all of those nifty features on my sewing machine.

Resolve to take a class to learn how to use certain stitches, techniques, or accessory feet in the new year. And, once you’ve learned something new, try to incorporate it in a project! You could even make a check-list of machine features that you see listed in your manual and want to get better acquainted with, and check them off as you go.  I know, we always read the manual first right??? Memphis Sewing Machine is here for you not just before the sale but afterwards too. If you have forgotten how to operate your machine, bring it in today, and we’ll show you the way.

2. Use up my stash.

You’ve been collecting fabric for years, and now is the time to use it! We’ve learned that the best way to use up your stash is to review what you’ve got and to keep it organized! Sort through your stash and get rid of what you know you won’t use; donate the fabric to charity or resolve to use it to sew to serve others. There are many methods to organize your fabrics, from storing on the old bolts cut in half or clear shoe box totes.

1. Finish up all of those UFO’s!

This is by far and away the top resolution for 2013! We know all about unfinished projects (what, me sew more than one project at a time?). We’ve found that keeping your projects organized is a great way to stay on-task until a project is finished, and here are some of our best tips.

First, take a look back at all of your unfinished projects. Do you really want to finish them all? Maybe that skirt you started making in 1987 isn’t quite in style anymore, or the baby you were making that quilt for isn’t really a baby anymore! Consider breaking up with some of your projects and re-use or donate the fabric to make way for new sewing projects.

To help avoid UFO’s: Find a method to organize your sewing projects. I use a write-on/wipe-off board to list all of my current and future projects, and if I want to add another project I can quickly see if I need to change my priorities or even get in gear to finish stuff before starting something else. Some sewers use bins or bags to organize all the fabric, patterns, and notions for a project, and can look to see how many projects are in the works. Still others use handwritten lists, bulletin boards, clip boards, and even computerized lists to stay on top of what is in progress.

Once you’ve organized your projects, try to use some of our tips listed in number 5 to find more time to sew, and dedicate some of your sewing time SPECIFICALLY to your UFO’s!